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Bullfrog 454 Swim Spa

454 Swim Spa The Bullfrog™ Swim Spa incorporates full hydrotherapy and relaxation with all the benefits of exercise and well-being. This revolutionary Swim Spa offers 8 high flow swim jets at one end for all your swim and low impact resistance training, and at the opposite end is a spa configuration to offer you a…
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Bullfrog Spas R7L – Seats 6

Bullfrog Spas R7L - Seats 6 Medium-Size Spa with Lounger Multiple Relaxation Types in a Single Affordable Spa The R7L is a more affordable version of our A7L spa. It is a medium-size spa that provides a combination of different relaxation experiences. This spa features a bent-knee lounge seat for maximum relaxation and 4 JetPaks…
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Bullfrog Spas R7 – Seats 6 Spacious Mid-Size Spa

Bullfrog Spas R7 - Seats 6 Spacious Mid-Size Spa High Capacity Seating Layout at a Cost You Can Afford The R7, like the A7, it's full-featured cousin, is a medium spa that feels as roomy as most extra large spas. The R7 provides two side by side corner captains chairs, that each feature wrist, hip,…
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Bullfrog Spas A7L – Seats 5

Bullfrog Spas A7L - Seats 5 Mid-Size 5 Person Spa Comprehensive Therapy in a Mid Size Spa The A7L is a well proportioned mid-size spa that provides a perfect combination of massage types in several of the most comfortable spa seats available in any mid-size hot tub. With 5 JetPaks, each in a unique seat,…
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