Bullfrog 454 Swim Spa

454 Swim Spa

The Bullfrog™ Swim Spa incorporates full hydrotherapy and relaxation with all the benefits of exercise and well-being. This revolutionary Swim Spa offers 8 high flow swim jets at one end for all your swim and low impact resistance training, and at the opposite end is a spa configuration to offer you a complete rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage. The swim jets are fully adjustable for speed and pressure, to cater for the advanced swimmer right down to the beginner. It also boasts the largest and deepest swim area in the industry. The Bullfrog™ 454 Swim Spa provides fun, fitness and relaxation all in the privacy and convenience of your own home. What better way to stay fit and healthy and also spend quality time with family and friends. Optional Hybrid System available on this model *Prices are subject to Terms & Conditions

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top view

Available in the following colours:

Pearl Shadow

Sterling Marble


Starry Night

Available in the following cabinet colours:




Available in the following hardcover colours:
* Premium Colours





*Sea Blue

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